Athif attended secondary school at Woodfarm High School in Thornliebank. During his time at Woodfarm, Athif discovered an interest in English and Accounting. Athif recalls enjoying his studies of the William Shakespeare play, “Macbeth”, a play he would subsequently come to study twice! Unlike most children his age, Athif would often spend his nights and weekends working at his family’s cash and carry business.

For his final year at school, Athif moved to one of Scotland’s most prestigious independent schools, Hutchesons Grammar School. Here he furthered his interest for accounts and mathematics as well as English, studying Shakespeare's “Macbeth” for a second time.

Reminiscing on his time at Hutchesons Athif remembers how in his final year he didn’t think he was going to graduate with notable results.

“After I sat my exams, I worried that I may not get the results I needed to get into University. I didn't want to disappoint my father, so thought if I worked hard at the family business, then that would show that I was a hard worker and very driven."

Athif did achieve the results set for him and was accepted to Glasgow University at the age of 17. It was also at this time that Athif first established his taste for nice cars. As part of an agreement he had made with his father to work hard in order to get into University, Athif was gifted a car; a BMW 3 series that he deeply treasured. That BMW is still to this day one of his favourite cars of all time and was the car that ignited his passion for nice cars

As part of his three year Social Sciences degree, Athif studied social sciences, economics, management studies, philosophy, and information studies. Athif was particularly fond of his information studies class, a class in which he was the only male student! Athif recalls his University days with much joy;

“I remember structuring my lectures so that I was only in University three days a week. This granted me a lot of free time to have a good time and enjoy student life, but also allowed me to carry on learning the family business”

In 1998 Athif graduated from Glasgow University with a set of skills and knowledge that would help him throughout his career. Instead of taking a gap year, Athif went straight to work for the family cash and carry business. It was now time for Athif to put into practice all he had learned.

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